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Structural Waterproofing in London & Hertfordshire

DAMP PROOF Royell Property

Our dedicated team conducts detailed assessments to identify potential vulnerabilities in your structure. We leverage cutting-edge waterproofing techniques and high-quality materials to create robust defenses, including the installation of damp-proof courses and membranes. Our structural waterproofing services go beyond surface-level fixes; we prioritise addressing the root causes of moisture issues to guarantee long-term protection.


Whether you're dealing with rising damp, water ingress, or other structural water-related concerns, our expertise and commitment to excellence make us the preferred choice for safeguarding the integrity of your property.


Choose Royell Property Services for structural waterproofing solutions that stand the test of time, providing peace of mind and ensuring the durability of your home.

Structural Waterproofing Royell Property Services Hertfordshire & London

Structural Analysis

Our structural waterproofing process commences with a meticulous assessment by our skilled team, identifying specific vulnerabilities to tailor targeted solutions.

Root Cause Elimination

We go beyond surface-level fixes, focusing on eradicating rising damp at its source for a comprehensive and lasting solution.

Waterproofing Techniques

Our structural waterproofing expertise utilises  techniques and high-quality materials like damp-proof courses and membranes, ensuring robust defenses against moisture.

Interior Waterproofing

Control water ingress by fitting a waterproof membrane, coupled with a drainage system and sump pump for strategic water management.

Why Choose Us?


Our team is a collective of seasoned professionals, each possessing a wealth of knowledge in property services. This depth of expertise guarantees the delivery of top-tier results, setting us apart in our commitment to excellence.


Your satisfaction stands as our foremost priority. We go beyond the ordinary to exceed your expectations, offering bespoke solutions that are not only effective but also catered to your individual needs. Your contentment is our measure of success.

Experts in your Area

Proudly serving North London and Hertfordshire, our services are finely tuned to address local challenges, showcasing our commitment to understanding and meeting community-specific needs.

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